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  • Ok now I'm being honest with you and I think it's horrible terribly horrible I hope you can forgive me cuz I like and subscribe all the videos

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  • Now the one I really like is hot pink so you know it's really hard pink I don't know it's it is it is what it is right but I kinda like the hot pink not the faith of blow your Patrol

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  • I am going to be honest with you it looks he looks pretty cool and I'm not gonna lie it looks cool not the kind of way I would mean so I'm not gonna lie I'm being honest with you you get me right

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  • 11:32 there are indian flag colors

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  • You can make toffee face mask

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  • she's such a beautiful; person she dose not need makeup

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  • at the end you were giving me butterfly vibes that are good I'm 8

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  • I m a big fan Sydney

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  • She has glitter on her hands 🤑

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  • Can do this make-up 💌🧝🏻‍♂️🎃☢

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  • You just need to add gills and you would be a sea queen.

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  • Can someone count how many times she says period in this video lol

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  • Looking quite cutie like👼👼 angel😇😇😇😇😇 👍

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  • There is no need for her to wear makeup because she is so beautiful 😻

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  • Can you make a pop it face mask

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  • If you do a Coca-Cola face mask I will tell everyone I will ask anyone to walls year

  • Is it just me or I feel like she never ever coughed 😂

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  • In next some videos tell us about some makeup ok sister

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  • Who has a blue face and orange eyebrows

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  • It. Does not 😶

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  • One day u should make a smurf makeup vid :D

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  • I feel bad for you because you have to have blue foundation on wow it looks cool

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  • her: playing in orbeez and then putting all over her face neighbors: “HONEY SHE’S AT IT AGAIN” "At least its not peanut butter that she is spreading all over her legs again

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  • She looks so different when she puts her makeup on

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  • It’s so cool and random how she has the blue foundation like nobody on a regular basis puts on blue foundation but it’s so cool how she is not embarrassed. I love ur vids Sydney

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  • Part 2

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  • Orbeez

  • Cute🥰

  • You look awesome Sydney I love how it turned from eh to whoa. Go Sydney ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  • We can reach 1 mill

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  • Wow I wonder if I could do that

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  • I absolutely HATE it when she says: Oh my gosh period!

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  • Its look like a murmaide

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  • I still don’t know why she wear make up because.. your already pretty!

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  • She is like so pretty and i love her hair, eyes, voice, and everything else and Sydney morgan pls comment i really would appreciate it thx!!😁💙💜💙💜💙💜

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  • i felt like she looked like elsa at the part 10:20 but the eyebrows

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  • Next one you doing emoji challenge can you do unicorn Flower tree And mushroom please do it please please please

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  • How can she make this look like a look that should be worn to a red carpet event

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  • So far so good I like the eye contacts of contacts because of my that color my favorite color and I like the lashes a lot and I like the basic look because it’s kind of basic but I know it’s really hard to do because yeah so

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  • Next can you do this hack from nidz makeup i think you you like lip gloss or just liquid lipstick idk but yeah you put it on your lips and your cheeks and your nose and peel it off or something and then blend not the lip part tho

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  • What do you think of all of the only one I can think 🤔 I am not sure 😕 the only way to make this happen for me

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