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Hey, woman
Hey, woman

Let me be your woman
Woman, woman, woman (Ayy)
I can be your woman
Woman, woman, woman (Ayy)
Let me be your woman
Woman, woman, woman (Ayy)
I can be your woman
Woman, woman, woman (Ayy)

[Verse 1]
I know what you need
She give tenfold, come here, papa, plant your seed
She can grow it from her womb, a family
Provide lovin' overlooked and unappreciated, you see (Yeah)
You can't reciprocate
I got delicious taste, you need a woman's touch in your place
Just protect her and keep her safe
Baby, worship my hips and waist
So feminine with grace
I touch your soul when you hear me say, "Boy"
Let me be your woman

Lеt me be your woman
Woman, woman, woman
I can be your woman
Woman, woman, woman
Lеt me be your woman
Woman, woman, woman (Ayy)
I can be your woman
Woman, woman, woman

[Verse 2]
I can't be your lady, I'm a
Woman, I'm a motherfucker but they got a problem
Put some babies in your life and take away the drama
Put that paper in the picture like a diorama
Gotta face a lot of people love the opposite
'Cause the world told me, "We ain't got that common sense"
Gotta prove it to myself that I'm on top of shit
And you will never know a god without the goddesses
Honest, it's fuckin' honest, kiddin'
I could be on everything
I mean I could be the leader, head of all the states
I could smile and jiggle it 'til his pockets empty
I could be the CEO, just a like a Robyn Fenty
And I'ma be there for you 'cause you on my team, girl
Don't ever think you ain't 'head of these niggas, dream girl
They wanna pit us against each other when we succeed
And for no reasons they wanna see us end up like we Regina on Mean Girls
Princess or queen, tomboy or king (Yeah)
You've heard a lot, you've never seen (Nah)
Mother Earth, Mother Mary rise to the top
Divine feminine, I'm feminine (Why?)

Woman (Daddy)
Let me be your woman (Let me be your-)
Woman, woman, woman (Let me be your-)
I can be your woman
Woman, woman, woman (Daddy)
Let me be your woman (I know)
Woman, woman, woman (Daddy)
I can be your woman (I know)
Woman, woman, woman

Eee, eee, eee (Hey, woman)
Eee, eee, eee (Hey, woman)
Hey (Hey woman)
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm (Woman)
(Hey, woman)
(Hey, woman)

Woman Lyrics
Doja Cat Woman
Woman Doja Cat
Doja Cat Woman Lyrics
Woman Doja Cat Lyrics
Doja Cat Lyrics





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