Removal of Special Effects (SFX) | Makeup vs No Makeup

Removal of Special Effects (SFX) | Makeup vs No Makeup

Removing special effects sometimes takes a lot of effort.
This video contains the most satisfying videos.
Here you can compare the look with makeup and without it. (Makeup vs No Makeup) Girl Removing Makeup.

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  • 6:52 omg she looks like angla the talking cat

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  • If y'all know it's going to hurt then don't do it duh

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  • Why do u have to put on that sticker

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  • Why are most of them made by makeuppbyruthie

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  • 5:44

    shovah Minecraftshovah MinecraftΠριν ημέρα
  • why always on the neck?? WHY ALWAYS ON THE NECK???

    shovah Minecraftshovah MinecraftΠριν ημέρα
  • dang oof

    Akeelah DavisAkeelah DavisΠριν ημέρα
  • it looks like its basically pulling there skin off

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  • Her: yum I want to eat it me: GURL WHAT U WANNA EAT YO MAKE-UP?

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  • The new year eve one rilly impressed me

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  • One of them had a song called all I want I love that one

    maria orozcomaria orozcoΠριν 5 ημέρες
  • It looks so painfull

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  • I feel so bad when they have to take something of there cheeks and neck

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  • Stop

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  • i love it the makeups are so pretty and weird

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  • Them: take off my make up with me . Me: the poor work.

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    سما البراهيمسما البراهيمΠριν 6 ημέρες
  • In case anyone doesn’t know This girl should be using spirit gum remover to get this stuff off. Her poor skin. My mum is a pro- SFX artist and she she died inside when I showed her this 🤣

    Abi FooxAbi FooxΠριν 7 ημέρες
  • Do that hurt

    Kadeeja HowardKadeeja HowardΠριν 7 ημέρες
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  • can we just appreciate the fact its not us feeling the pain?? especially sydney's part's they look horribly painful.... but they do look really good tho-......

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  • I love this so much

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  • that is so cool but i dare you to go out with that make up

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  • In my opinion they should have applied water before peeling the sticker or whatever you you call it because that's what I do 😐

  • And They say women aren't strong

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  • The girl who was doing the cyborg makeup said she started at 4am and now it’s 3am

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  • 5:31 the handsome squidward (☞ ゚ ヮ ゚) ☞

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  • @9:33 she turns purple!! (ik its just her makeup)

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  • These aren't take off my makeup with me They are watch me suffer while talking off my makeup

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  • Me:doing makeup *puts something on neck* My mind: Oh no Oh no Oh no no no NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THIS IS GONNA HURT WHEN I TAKE IT OFF

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