33 HANDY EVERYDAY LIFE HACKS || Genius DIY Ideas For Cleaning, Organization, Glue Gun And Slime

Organization and cleaning hacks that will make you more productive

A clean and organized home makes you feel motivated and productive. But we all get tired thinking about our old, time-consuming cleaning routine. To inspire you, I’m sharing some fun DIY cleaning hacks and ideas that will make your home shine.
If your keyboard is filled with dirt, crumbs, and other stuff that shouldn’t be there, I show you a fun way to clean it using slime.
Not everyone is an expert in holding their playing cards/Uno cards right. If you’re clumsy like me, you can avoid dropping your cards using a thin pool noodle slice.
Did you know that you can write in the notes app on your phone using a real pen? You take a regular pen, wrap its tip in kitchen foil, and you’re good to go. Just make sure you already have a screen protector on your phone to avoid scratching your screen.
Watch the entire video to discover all the hot glue ideas and life hacks that will make your cleaning routine more manageable.

0:52 - A quick way to clean your sink
1:56 - A fun and creative way to inflate your balloons
3:45 - A cool idea on how to repurpose an old bathroom towel
5:07 - How to remove cherry seeds from cherries
6:10 - Tasty white chocolate and coffee trick
7:30 - How to clean your eyeshadow palette
9:12 - DIY anti-slippery bath mat
10:40 - How to clean your microwave
11:12 - How to remove lipstick stains from a shirt

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